What is My Property Check?

The best way to quickly find critical information about property in Ireland and make these checks:

Confirm the current property owner(s).

Check if there is a Mortgage or other Charge registered against the property.

See if the property is free from Judgment Mortgages or other Burdens.

Quickly check if the property has been registered correctly.

Search for Caveats, Cautions or Inhibitions that have been registered against the Title.

Identify any kind of Easement, Restriction or Covenant that might affect the property.

Highlight planning applications afffecting the property.

Confirm critical commercial information about the property including price history.

My Property Check is a fast and efficient way to quickly find out about property in Ireland. My Property Check gives you the most up-to-date and reliable ownership, planning and commercial information about Irish property.

Please note we are not affiliated with and have no official partnership with the Property Registration Authority, the body that manages the Land Registry and Registry of Deeds in Ireland.

We are a firm of law searchers and conduct law searches across the official Property Registration Authority property databases, the Property Price Register and the National Planning Application Database on behalf of our customers.


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My Property Check

The most up-to-date information on property in Ireland in a single report.