The decision to buy a property is a significant financial investment, and it’s essential to ensure that the property is free from any encumbrances or legal liabilities. One crucial aspect to investigate is whether the property has any judgment debts attached to it.
Judgment debts are legal obligations that result from court rulings, and they can affect the property’s ownership and value. In this blog, we’ll discuss the steps and considerations to perform a thorough property check to determine if a property has judgment debts.

1. Consulting Public Records & performing Title Searches:

My Property Check’s experienced law searchers will consult public records to perform the title searches on your behalf. Our report will highlight any judgment debts found on the property. These debts will be red flagged so you don’t miss them and can understand their relevance.

2. Checking Court Records:

Another method for determining if there are judgment debts is to check court records where available for any ongoing or past legal disputes related to the property.

3. Communicating with the Seller:

It can be worthwhile for potential buyers to communicate openly with the property seller about any existing judgment debts.  Transparency in the real estate or conveyancing process can greatly increase the speed of transactions.
The importance of conducting a property check for judgment debts before finalising a purchase cannot be overstated. Remember a thorough investigation can safeguard your investment and provide peace of mind during the property buying process.

At My Property Check we will empower you in your property search. Our skilled and experienced law searching team will search for the most up-to-date critical information available about Irish property you are interested in from verifying ownership details to checking planning applications. My Property Check reports are fast, easy to understand and a valuable resource when engaging in property transactions. Order My Property Check online today.

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