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Searching Property Ownership Titles for More than Two Decades

The idea for My Property Check was first hatched on a run. A long run. It was this: How can we help everyone access and understand legal property titles? More long runs. We’ll do it for them.  We’ll create a report everyone can understand.  We’ll take out the legal terms.  We’ll add more information.  We’ll make it better.  Until finally My Property Check was born. So our mission was also our starting point: Give us the address and we’ll do the rest.

Ireland has a long and difficult history with it’s land. It is fascinated and obsessed with property in equal measure. Think The Field. And more recently the Celtic Tiger property crash. We have over two decades of searching legal titles and reporting on property in Ireland. We know it inside out. We have worked with some of the most prominent law firms and legal departments performing legal property title searches, unravelling property holdings and disputes. It was time for a bigger audience.

Now that we’re here, what can you expect? We believe My Property Check can help everyone access and understand legal property titles in Ireland. There are many reasons you may need it. Perhaps you might want to check your title was properly registered or you might be buying your first home. Whatever the reason, My Property Check can help.

We are laser focused on providing the best possible support to you and do so by acting with accuracy in every search.

Jennifer Beggs

Jennifer comes to My Property Check with a strong legal background. Having qualified as a Solicitor in 2008, she gained invaluable experience by handling numerous property transactions before focusing on Litigation. With over a decade of legal expertise, she brings a keen attention to detail and extensive property knowledge to My Property Check. As a co-founder and Business Director of My Property Check, she holds the responsibility of overseeing all property searches to guarantee precision in every case.

Frank Beggs

Frank brings a wealth of experience in law searching to My Property Check. Having honed his skills in collaboration with industry veterans, he possesses extensive knowledge of title searches. His journey into the world of property began while studying Auctioneering, which ignited his passion for the field. Over the past two decades, he has provided Property Valuations. As a co-founder and Operations Director at My Property Check, he takes on the critical responsibility of overseeing our law searching teams and maintaining stringent quality control standards.

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